Sor Juana Essay

Meztli Mijes

Professor This town

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February seventeenth, 2012

Was Sor Juana de la Jones an early feminist?

Sor Juana de la Cruz lived in a time where female could not speak their minds. In those days, the woman's part was to serve her dad as your woman grew up, marry, serve her husband and bear children. The woman has not been supposed to examine or publish or get hold of any know-how about anything. Yet , she decided on a different way. I do believe that Sor Juana de la Jones was an early feminist and it was her decisions to live a lifestyle that proceeded to go against the tradition that brings me to trust she arranged the footings for contemporary feminism.

On-page 49, the girl states " I remember that in those days, although I was since greedy to get treats since children are often at that age, I would avoid eating parmesan cheese, because I heard inform that it manufactured people stupid, and the desire to learn was stronger for me that the wish to eat –powerful as this is in children. ” She continues to tell just how when the girl was half a dozen or seven years of age, she already knew how you can read, publish and other women skills just like embroidery and sewing. At an early age, Sor Juana's love intended for learning starts. However , girls were not likely to learn how to read and create. They had to know how to be a housewife. She already displays the this lady has the power to visit against what people expect of her and do what your woman believes in.

On page 73, Hermana Juana says " We confess that we am considerably indeed through the terms of Knowledge and that I have wished to follow it, though " afar off”. But this all has only led me personally closer to the flames of persecution, the crucible of affliction; also to such extremes that some have even sought to prohibit me from research. ” The lady goes on to explain a time that the mother outstanding did have the ability to keep her from studying. She obeyed however , only for the three several weeks that her authority survived. Although she could not research books, the lady still researched all the things that God made. This case in point shows that the lady clearly recognizes the...