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Term: FALL 2013

Course Number: ACG 2021 – 80400- MWF – 11: 00 - 14: 50 i am

Room 42/1116

Course Title: Introduction to Economical Accounting

Requirements: Sophomore standing

Instructor: Hubert W. Gill, CPA

Office: 42/3123

Business office Hours: MWF: 7: 30-8: 50am, two: 00-2: 50pm and by scheduled appointment.

Office Telephone: (904)620-1668

Email: [email protected] edu

Blackboard: http://blackboard.unf.edu/

*McGraw Hillside Connecthttp://connect.mcgraw-hill.com/class/h_gill_spring_2012_acg_2021-10493_mwf_9-950

Required Texts• Financial Accounting Basic principles,

Materials: 5 rd Model, John Crazy, McGraw-Hill Irwin

•Six Check Sheets pertaining to tests -- Green ink with pictographic choices •Student Access Card for Connect (purchased together with your text) •1 pack of 4" x 6" index cards (bring to category daily)

CPS Protect RequiredThis program will be using the eInstruction student response program. You will need to buy a CPS Heartbeat Clicker (ISBN 978-1-881483-71-7) from the bookstore and bring it along to every school session. The purchase of a CPS pad is NOT REALLY optional; it can be used since an integral part of this course. I will supply a short exhibition of how to work with CPS in class. Note: � Students will need to purchase ONLY 1 " CLICKER” because the same unit can be used in every course that selects to use the CPS program. Do NOT use activation program on the field, instead, refer to directions below. After you order your clicker, you must sign-up your clicker online for this class through Blackboard. Guidance for the registration procedure can be found in this article: http://www.unf.edu/dept/cirt/tech/srs/student.htm. *Connect is required for all those students. To join up on line go to the external hyperlink on BB and stick to the instructions. All home work in Connect will certainly expire for 10 evening on the date announced in the syllabus.

Optional Elements:

• Skill Very soft – Exceed Tutorial (an on line free tutorial offered to all UNF students. Instructions on Blackboard)

• Long lasting note publication

•Study Guide to accompany Economical Accounting Info for Decisions; 4th Copy •The Wall Street Journal, (available daily to all CCB students very first floor build # forty two, bring to class daily)

List Description, Prerequisites:

Course Objectives Content:

Study course Catalog Explanation

Conceptual introduction to financial accounting. Emphasis

is positioned on wealth and salary measurement plus the preparation of conventional monetary statements.

Necessary: MAC 1105-College Algebra (or equivalent) with " C" or better. Daily use of a computer with Internet, email, Microsoft Exceed, and a word-processor. �

Course Aims and Articles

This course should provide you with the conceptual foundation necessary needed to understand how to use accounting information to make decisions. The training course objectives are;

Students is going to analyze organization transactions and understand all their effect on the financial position of any company as well as its components. Pupils will put together basic economic statements using accrual accounting and calculate and interpret basic financial proportions. Students can understand and account for goods transactions under a perpetual products on hand system. College students will recognize and appreciate merchandise inventory costing and understand the associated with on economic statements. Pupils will recognize the purpose and principles of internal control and how they impact business operations. College students will understand cash and accounts receivable transactions and the effect on monetary statements. Pupils will understand plant and intangible possessions, issues in accounting for these people, their cost allocation process, and the related effects on financial transactions. Students will certainly understand current and long term liabilities, and also account for and understand the impact of current liability transactions on monetary statements. Learners will be familiar with components of stockholders' equity as well as the impact of stock and...