Robin Hood Case Dissertation

1. Total the SWOT analysis

Strong points

-The group has numerous members.

-Robin Hood features strong command.

-The music group has great archery skill.

-Brand acknowledgement and strong support coming from stockholders who also hate the Sheriff. -Ability to acquire data.


-Personal grudge against the Sheriff might negatively influence decisions. -Low requirement in recruiting new members.

-Hard to take care of order, self-discipline, vigilance in the band.

-Decline in food and products

-Dependent around the wealth of the rich traveler, which decrease as the band's strength increase. -The band is definitely outlaw


-Work with the barons to free King Rich

The Liongearted in Austria

-Gain benefit from taxing the farmers and townspeople.


-Rich merchants increase their products' prices for making up for the loss from being robbed. -The band may lose support from the villagers.

-The growing military capabilities of the Sheriff.

-The political connections from the Sheriff.

-Spies of Prince John have infiltrated the band.

installment payments on your Does Robin Hood ought to expand or perhaps change the objective and reason for the organization? This will depend on the best goal of Robin Cover. If the go back of Ruler Richard the Lionhearted is what the strap pursuits, then simply changing their missions is essential to join the Barons' conspiracy theory in court docket intrigue. However, Robin will keep the band's current targets to help the poor, and put more pressure on the Sheriff and prince John to distract them in the scheme of the barons. a few. Evaluate at least several alternatives that Robin Engine has.

The first technique is to eliminate the Sheriff. The music group already offers significant number of members and support of the townspeople, even though the Sheriff is getting stronger, more organized, and starting to harass the group. It is only an issue of time ahead of the Sheriff, through his political connection, increases enough power to eliminate the band, so the simply chance Robin has to destroy the Sheriff is now, nevertheless...