Louisiana and D. Storm Katrina Dissertation


Typhoon Katina

Purpose: To inform the audience about Storm Katrina

Thesis: Today Let me discuss several fascinating details of Hurricane Katrina. Specifically, I will discuss the gathering in the storm, the destruction, as well as the government reponse.

Organizational Pattern: Topical

I. Introduction

A. Attention Driver Have you have you ever been faced with burning off everything you treasure including relatives in a moment? B. Relevance Hurricane Katrina was the most and expensive natural disaster in American history. C. Credibility Hundreds of thousands faced having everything obtained from them and were still left fighting for his or her lives. M. Thesis Today I will talk about the disaster and consequences of Hurricane Katrina. Electronic. Preview Especially, I will go over the disaster in New Orleans.

Changeover First lets discuss the gathering of the storm..

II. Body

A. Katrina showed how effective she would become as soon that formed. 1 ) Two days after the hurricane formed it ended up in California. 2 . Within just 9 several hours it grew from a Category three or more to Category 5. Optimum speed reached was 175mph. 3. Because she enter the Gulf your woman maintain electricity heading direct for Louisiana-Mississippi coast.

Changeover Next the disaster attacks and the destruction begins.

N. Slowly getting close the coast Katrina triggers storm spikes and instantly starts disregarding through giving a trail of devastation. 1 . Two levees in New Orleans break, causing more than 80 percent of the city to become overloaded in 20+ feet of water; between 50, 000 and 95, 000 stranded. 2 . Levee breach in Lower Ninth Ward triggers a thirty-foot wall of water to rush into the neighborhood, decimating the entire place 3. Almost all of the flooding due to the levee breaching, possibly reaching towards the higher parts of elevation, such as the French Quarter

Transition Now you must to deal with the aftermath.

C. Finding shelter and looting was a enormous problem post-Katrina. 1 ) After the avalanche waters retreated, many went back...

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