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Although the two reports are different in plotline, the climber island was made from the Yard of Eden story since the Garden of Eden account is well known and there are more similarities than differences. Some variations in the stories are the way the heroes left the paradise, the causes for consuming the fruit, and the amount of fruit trees in their paradise. Some similarities are the fact that fruit became a forecast that something bad or perhaps evil was going to happen, woods both led to death/exile, plus the characters will be naked. In the stories of Life of Pi and Genesis, there are plenty of alterations. Just how that the characters depart from the paradisepoker is not relatable. Mandsperson and Event disobey God's orders to remain away from the forbidden fruit tree, however they fall into the serpent's attraction and both equally eat the fruit. For their betrayal, God heart-broken them, their children, and the earth. They were expatriate from the Garden. Whereas, Professional indemnity is going through the island and he finds a fruits tree. Professional indemnity climbed in the tree and picks a fruit. " It shrunk from the size of an orange colored to that of the mandarin…Understanding dawned upon me…The Island was carnivorous. This kind of explained the disappearance of fish in the pond, ” page 354-355 (Life of Pi). He grabs all of the meerkats he can and floods all the water bags with fresh water and waits to get Richard Parker to return to allow them to depart to wherever the waves carry them. The reasons why each personality ate it are different. Hersker and Event had all of the trees and food that they could digest, all they'd to do was avoid the single tree that God had instructed all of them not to feel or eat. Eve ate the fruit out of temptations. Meanwhile, Pi got a rope climbed up the tree and unraveled what seemed to be not a fresh fruit, but a ball of leaves. " A human tooth…Thirty-two teeth. An entire human established. ” Site 354 (Life of Pi). A third example of the differences between your stories may be the amount of fruit trees and shrubs in...