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1 . The Kotak Mahindra Group

Kotak Mahindra is among India's leading financial conglomerates, offering total financial alternatives that involve every ball of life. From business banking, to stock broking, to mutual funds, to our lives insurance, to investment bank, the group caters to the financial demands of individuals and corporate. The group has a net worth of about Rs. several, 200 crore, employs about 10, 800 people in its various organization and has a distribution network of limbs, franchisees, consultant offices and satellite office buildings across three hundred cities and towns in India and offices in New York, Greater london, Dubai, Mauritius and Singapore. The Group services around 2 . 6 million client accounts. Since on Drive 31, 3 years ago, the group has a fortune of more than 3, 200 crore, plus the AUM across the group is around Rs. 224 billion and employs over 10, 800 employees in the various businesses. With a existence in 300 cities in India and offices in New York, Birmingham, Dubai, Mauritius and Singapore, it solutions a customer basic of over around installment payments on your 6 million. The group specializes in supplying top class finance, catering to each segment of the industry. The various group businesses include: Kotak Mahindra Financial institution Ltd

Kotak Mahindra Older mutual Life insurance coverage Ltd

Tampilan Securities Limited

Kotak Mahindra Capital Company (KMCC)

Kotak Mahindra Excellent Ltd (KMPL)

Kotak Foreign Business

Kotak Mahindra Asset Management Business Ltd (KMAMC)

Kotak Private Equity Group (KPEG)

Kotak Reality Fund

The company contains a full-fledged study division involved with Macro Financial studies, Sectoral research and Company Certain Equity Exploration combined with a strong and well networked sales force which assists deliver current and up to date market data and information. Brief Advantages of Tampilan Mahindra Group

a. Tampilan Mahindra Bank Ltd –

Tampilan Mahindra Bank Ltd is a one quit shop for all banking demands. The bank gives personal finance solutions of every kind by savings accounts to bank cards, distribution of mutual funds to life insurance products. Kotak Mahindra Lender offers deal banking, operates lending droit, manages IPOs and provides seed money loans. Kotak has one of many largest and most respected Riches Management teams in India, providing the widest array of solutions to wealthy individuals, internet marketers, business households and utilized professionals. w. Kotak Mahindra Old Shared Life Insurance Ltd –

Kotak Mahindra old Mutual Life Insurance Limited is a 74: 26 partnership between Tampilan Mahindra Traditional bank Ltd., the affiliates and Old Mutual plc. A business that combines its worldwide strengths and local advantages to offer its clients a wide range of impressive life insurance products, helping all of them takes important financial decisions at every level in life and stay monetarily independent. The business covers more than 3 , 000, 000 lives which is one of the quickest growing insurance providers in India.

c. Tampilan Securities –

Tampilan Securities is one of the largest broking houses in India having a wide physical reach. Kotak Securities functions include inventory broking and distribution of numerous financial products which include private and secondary placement of debt, equity and common funds. Kotak Securities work in five main parts of business:

Share Broking (retail and institutional)

Depository Solutions

Portfolio Supervision Services

Circulation of Mutual Funds

Circulation of Tampilan Mahindra Older Mutual Insurance coverage Ltd products d. Kotak Investment Bank (KMCC) –

Kotak Investment Banking (KMCC) is a full-service purchase bank in India supplying a wide suite of capital market and advisory approaches to leading home-based and international corporations, banking companies, financial institutions and government corporations. Our services encompass Collateral & Financial debt Capital...