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Medical Jargon


abduction -- to move a limb or some other physique part away from the midline with the body ABG - arterial blood gas reading

acetaminophen - a nonsalicylate analgesic-antipyretic (Tylenol) _ DESIGN - angiotension-converting enzyme

ACLS - advanced cardiac your life support; includes electricity (defibrillator) and drugs forever threatening arrhythmias acidotic -- abnormally excessive acidity of body liquids and tissue acute -- sudden, powerful flare-up

adenosine - a drug used to help the patient with Supraventricular tachycardia convert to normal sinusitis rhythm agonal - anything used to illustrate a major negative change in a patient's state, usually earlier immediate fatality, such as a complete cessation of breathing or maybe a dire change in the person's EEG or EKG albuterol - a bronchodilator suited for asthma patients and individuals having bronchial spasms to dilate the bronchia and improve deep breathing ALOC - abbreviation intended for Acute Loss in Consciousness

alzheimer's disease -- a accelerating disease with specific brain abnormalities noticeable by storage loss and progressive lack of ability to function normally at however, simplest jobs AMA - against medical advice or American Medical Connection ambu-bag -- handheld press bag attached to a face mask. see also bagging amitriptyline - a tricyclic antidepressant

amoxicillin -- an antibiotic

amp - abbreviation for Ampule, a sealed plastic-type or glass capsule that contains a single dosage of a drug in a sterile and clean solution intended for injection. anaphylactic shock -- an extreme hypersensitive reaction that usually involves heart failure, circulatory collapse, a severe asthma-like difficulty in breathing and sometimes brings about death. ancef - a cephalosporin antiseptic

anemia -- chronically low hematocrit

aneurysm - a balloonlike puffiness in the wall membrane of an artery

angina pectoris - a severe severe attack of cardiac discomfort

angioplasty -- plastic surgery of blood vessels during which a go up is approved into the artery and filled with air to expand it and increase blood flow anhidrosis -- the unusual absence of perspire

anterior -- word accustomed to describe the leading surface of your organ, muscle tissue, etc antivert - a drug prescribed for nausea and fatigue

aortic calcification - stiffing of the puls?re, the main artery coming out of the left ventricle of the heart, usually from cholesterol deposits or any other organic and natural substance aortic coarctation -- a dangerous narrowing of the aorta

aortic dissection - a tear in the aorta

aortic rupture -- when the vene bursts

arterial stick - insertion of an IV range into a great artery

arrhythmia - if the beat from the heart has ceased to be originating from the sinus client, and the beat is unusual ASA -- the decrease for acetylsalicylic acid (aspirin)

astrocytoma -- a slowly growing growth of the glial tissue in the brain plus the spinal cord asystole - an ailment in which the cardiovascular no longer beats and usually may not be restarted ativan - a minor tranquilizer medication (lorazepam) intended for anxiety, pressure, agitation, or fatigue atropine - a drug to improve the heartrate

atypical angina - a kind of angina pectoris that does not manifest the typical anginas symptoms of heart problems, shortness of breath, and so forth, but which comes on abruptly and takes place without a predisposing cause AZT - an antiviral medicine (zidovudine) recommended for treating AIDS


Babinski's response - also referred to as the poner reflex; the movement of the big toe upwards instead of down; used to check injury to, or diseases of, the upper motor unit neurons bactrim - the trade brand for cotrimoxazole and sulfamethoxizole, an antiseptic agent particularly useful for urinary infections bagging - manual respiration for the patient having breathing difficulty that uses a handheld press bag attached to a nose and mouth mask Barlow's problem - infantile scurvy

Betadine - transact name for povidone-iodine, a preparation utilized as a surgical scrub which can be found in liquid and vaporizador forms bilateral hemothorax -- blood in both sides from the pleura, the...