Death of Phillip Ii of Macedon Essay


Phillip II, King of Macedonia was murdered in 336 BC when he joined the wedding among his little girl, Cleopatra great brother in law, Alexander of Epirus. As he went into the cinema where the marriage was to become held, he was fatally stabbed by a person named Pausanias, his brain of protects. There were a large number of theories behind the reason for Pausanias' actions. Many said that it absolutely was pent up anger that went Pausanias, while some suggested that Phillip's better half, Olympias of Epirus fantastic son; Alexander had set him approximately it. The Lyncestis siblings (a notable Macedonian family), Antipater (a powerful politician), Demosthenes (a prominent Ancient greek statesmen and orator) plus the Persian Full Darius III were almost all said to be mixed up in murder of Phillip.

The first supposed cause of the killing of Phillip was the ‘lone assassin theory'. Phillip was said to have relations with Pausanias 7-8 years before the murder. When the affair got ended, Phillip began to possess relations with another guy, (also called Pausanias) who was a friend of Attalus (a good friend and potential category of Phillip). Pausanias, becoming envious of this new position, insulted his rival in public places. This resulted in the second Pausanias committing committing suicide by recklessly putting himself in danger for battle. Angered at the loss in his friend, Attalus plotted revenge against Pausanias, receiving him intoxicated and continuing to submit him to rape. Pausanias required justice coming from Phillip, who was reluctant to do this due to his connections with Attalus. In return, Phillip advertised Pausanias for the head of guards with the hope of gratifying his asks for. In the 7-8 years prior to the tough, Attalus little by little becomes a growing number of powerful whilst Pausanias continues to be the head of guards. A lot of say that this can have brought on Pausanias' developed anger via years ago, resulting in his motivation to destroy Phillip while revenge. Stage to be noticed was that Pausanias had apparently gone to see a prophet, requesting how call him by his name could forever be recalled. The telepathist was thought to tell him to kill essentially the most well known person that they can find, therefore linking his name to the tough. This could also contribute to the accuracy and reliability of the ‘lone assassin theory'. However , a contradiction for this theory is that the rape of Pausanias had happened 7-8 years ago. It appears almost less likely that this very long buried function would result in such tough actions way too long into the future.

This then contributes to the next theory: Alexander and Olympias acquired reignited Pausanias' anger and pushed him to murder Phillip. This theory is definitely plausible as a result of many reasons. Olympias and Phillip's relationship was far from ideal. In fact , their particular relationship was full of hate and doubt, resulting in Alexander constantly receiving caught at the center. Alexander's relationship with his father was also strained, Phillip felt insecure by his son's successes and Alexander often sensed mistreated. However , Alexander was Phillip's oldest son, and therefore, the normal heir towards the throne. While using most to get and the tense relationships between the three, Alexander and Olympias had both motive as well as the power to implement the homicide. Also, at this point, Phillip experienced married Eurydice of Macedonia, Attalus' relative. She was also transporting their uncreated, unbegotten, unconceived son. Olympias immediately noticed this like a threat because she very little was not of Macedonian blood; meaning Alexander also has not been a full Macedonian. Naturally, the folks of Miscuglio would prefer a completely Macedonian California king to one that was 50 percent ‘barbarian blood'. With Phillip dead, Alexander could quickly assume the throne, as Eurydice's child would obviously be too young to rule. One more that supports this theory was that once Pausanias was captured after the murder, he was killed on the spot. Logically, if the murderer is usually captured, he would be wondered for a objective, but Alexander had him killed devoid of going through that process. This might be interpreted...