Communication  Decision Making Dissertation


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Types of Decision:

Software Decision:

* Situations through which specific procedures have been developed for repeated and regimen problems Nonprogramed Decision:

2. Decision required for unique and complex managing problems

A Relational Decision-Making Process:

5. Establishing Particular Goals and Objectives and Measuring results * Difficulty Identification and Definition

2. Establishing Focus

* Account of Triggers

* Development of Alternative alternatives

* Evaluation of Alternative Solutions

* Answer Selection

5. Implementation

* Follow Up

A Relational Decision-Making Procedure:

Behavioral Influences on Decision Making:

* Principles

* Tendency for Risk

* Prospect of Distance

* Escalation of Commitment

The value of Communication:

* Interaction is the glue that keeps organizational jointly. * Interaction assists organizational member

The Interaction Process:

Modern Communication:

* This Occur when two or more people from several cultures communicate with one another 2. In the intercontinental business environment, needing to communicate with members of other cultures is becoming prevalent. In addition to obvious vocabulary problems, different cultural traditions, values, and perspectives may serve to confuse effective interaction. * An important barrier is ethnocentrism, which can be the tendency to consider the importance of one's personal country superior to those of other countries Boundaries to Successful communication:

5. Frame of Reference

* Selective Tuning in

* Benefit Judgements

* Source Reliability

* Blocking

* in-Group Language

* Status Dissimilarities

* Time Pressure

* Communication Overload

Enhancing Communication in Organization:

Communication and Decision-Making in Apple Company