Case Morioka Essay

Case «The Morioka Manufacturing»


The Morioka Manufacturing Business is a quite typical huge Japanese company that makes abrasives for car and professional clutches, running and sanding machines, and specialized polishing equipment. The political pressure on Japan to transfer more U. S. merchandise and to invest in the United States to provide more American jobs was strong. 2M could encounter limitations upon its export products to the U. S. industry at any time. The industry now offered about forty five percent from the company's worldwide sales, preserving U. T. business was critical.

installment payments on your THE PROBLEM

55 2M consider cost effectiveness of Bendix in a difficult political and social situation. (Hajima had found an enormous output gap between output every workers in Japan and in the U. S. )


a) People:

* Yoshi Hajima is definitely the director of 2M's Intercontinental Division * Hajima`s good friend who works at Mitsui's office in San Francisco

b) Institutions:

* The Morioka Manufacturing Company is a fairly normal large Japanese corporation which enables abrasives intended for automobile and industrial clutches, grinding and sanding devices, and particular polishing tools. * The Bendix Firm is a company in California, which produced professional clutches and sold various companies for use in industrial machines.


5. 2M has been evaluating a proposal to obtain with the Bendix Corporation 2. 2M may face limits on export products to the U. S. market * Mister. Hajima doubts and doesn't want to buy the Bendix Corporation

your five. ISSUES

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External 5. The US market is a very extensive, 2M has a good perspective| External 5. Risk (a lot of other Japanese firms didn't obtain good output levels)| Inner * the Americans employees happy to try many of the Western practices | Internal 5. huge production and cultural gap between the American and Japanese personnel