9 markers - Sociology, Beliefs in society Dissertation

9 mark inquiries

Identify and briefly explain three ways through which women may be disadvantaged by simply religion today (9 marks) – Jan 13 One of many ways in which ladies may be deprived by religious beliefs in today's contemporary society is the fact that some faith based organisational hierarchies are still men dominated. However have been movements towards equality in many religions, for example the Cathedral of England's decision to ordain women as priests in 1992, many beliefs are still dominated by males who hold the top positions in the pecking order. For example , in Islam, women are still unable to become a great imam and hold a spiritual service. Therefore , in this perception, women happen to be disadvantaged by religion today as they simply cannot hold office within efficiency hierarchies. Secondly, women are disadvantaged by simply religion today as spiritual texts often reinforce patriarchy. Feminists would argue that faith based texts will be written from a man point of view, pushing patriarchy plus the subordination of ladies. Therefore , girls are deprived by religious beliefs as they are known as subordinate to men. Last but not least, women can be said to be deprived by religion as some beliefs segregate males and females in terms of worship. For example , in Judaism, females are not allowed to fully indulge in all faith based ceremonies. Therefore , one can claim that women continue to be unable to totally take part in almost all religions and thus, are at a drawback.

Determine and quickly explain three reasons why figures on religious belief is probably not accurate. (9 marks) – June 2012 One purpose statistics upon religious opinion may not be appropriate is because of the methodological problems that can happen. For example , there is not any set technique of counting who believe in a religion. Statistics are likely to come from a wide range of sources; by opinion forms to census figures to individual chapels. There is not one particular true method of measuring believers and therefore, anybody can suggest that these types of methods are not wholly reliable as...